Tailor-made offers

Italia – magnifico paese! | Per te l'anima geme e si strugge... [Italy, magnificent country! For you the soul weeps and longs]… (Nikolaj Vasil'evič Gogol')

Il bel paese | ch'Appennin parte e 'l mar circonda e l'Alpe. [The lovely country that starts with the Apennine Mountains and is surrounded by the sea and the Alps]. (Francesco Petrarca)

Tutt el mond a l'è paes | e semm d'accord | ma Milan l'è on gran Milan. [All the world is alike – and we all agree – but Milan is a great Milan]. (from the folk song La Madunina)

New Aurameeting has gained considerable knowledge of the country and of the region of Lombardy in particular, in order to satisfy the requests of customers and tour operators who are looking for an unique experience in the ‘Belpaese' for themselves and others. The trips we organise range from regional and multi-regional tours to day-packages with outings and short breaks, with a very important part played by the food-and-drink-tasting packages and tours organised with SLOW FOOD ITALIA.
But the jewel in the crown of New Aurameeting’s offer range is undoubtedly Milan, center of the most densely populated Italian metropolitan area. Infact, we can boast of an in-depth knowledge of Milan and its surroundings, which allows us to offer a range of tailor-made solutions.