13 October 2017

Milano, Palazzo Lombardia


European Clinical Trial Day, the future of clinical research:

is the 536/14 regulation enough?

Regulatory Authorities, Ethic Committees, Sponsors, Researchers, Sites and Patients 


The 536/14 regulation is going to be implemented in Europe (probably end of 2018), to increase the number of clinical trials and to support and facilitate the promoters in clinical trial starting and conduction. In the meanwhile, the clinical research is rapidly changing: technology, big data, new drugs, precision medicine, advanced therapies, trial design (e.g. basket and umbrella trials). This international meeting aims to understand if new EU Regulation is enough for those changes and how the Regulation can be implemented in each country to make Europe attractive. International and national speakers (competent authorities, EMA, researcher, extra UE sponsors and CROs, institutions, academic sponsors, patients) will discuss about this crucial topic. 

Program and registration form coming soon